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Weed is complicated these days.

For baby boomers. cannabis used to be simple. You rolled up a joint and smoked it. Today it's more complex, and even if you're not a stoner, there are many reasons to be interested in cannabis.

We now know that cannabis is a powerful, versatile medicine that can address chronic health issues, and help promote overall wellness. There are many ways it can be administered — including some that did not exist in our youth. Besides vaping there's shatter, dab and wax, not to mention tinctures, teas, chocolates and mints.

There are many choices to be made, and many people providing questionable information.

We're here to simplify things.

You may be interested in taking CBD for cancer, PTSD, epilepsy or any other condition. Or maybe you like THC to reduce stress, overcome insomnia or for any other purpose. We're here to help you find the information you need.

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