What a long, strange trip: The Kannaboomer Credo

So much has happened since we first smoked weed. Boomers changed the world when we were still adolescents, but some things remain the same; among them, astounding levels of ignorance and hypocrisy around cannabis.

This plant has been used by humans for 40,000 years, and massively misunderstood for the past 100 — and today's cannabis has evolved in many ways. Kannaboomers is here, in the trumpian post-truth era, as a resource to enable thoughtful people of what we'll call a ‘certain' age to make good decisions about cannabis. How do we aim to do that? By adhering to these values:


Kannaboomers provides objective information on cannabis-related topics, untainted by any vested interest in the industry. (We may eventually have affiliate relationships, and we will disclose them if and when we do.)

Do we have a bias? Everyone does, right? Ours is that cannabis has been unfairly vilified, and the results have been ruinous for many individuals, and damaging to our collective health and wellness. It’s time to step back and reassess our relationship with this plant. There have been huge changes in technology and culture, and there’s an ongoing revolution in cannabis laws. We’re going to try to make sense of this shifting landscape, in ways that promote our wellness in our daily lives — personal and collective.


  • Can cannabis help with the aches and pains of aging?
  • Does CBD really work against inflammation, the agent of so many diseases that are going to get us all?
  • Can microdosing help me sleep better?
  • Can cannabis be a practical alternative to alcohol?

These are things worth knowing. Our government is not going to tell us, and there are shills, as in any industry, who are trying to steer us to their (unregulated) products. So we have to explore, experiment and find out on our own.

Kannaboomers are not stoners. Never have been. Smoked our share of weed in college, as did everyone we knew, and then dropped the habit for 30+ years. In that interval we have seen prescribed pharmaceuticals do lethal damage to friends and family. You and I know there's a better way.

The point is not necessarily to consume cannabis every day, but rather to experiment with relatively new forms of it (vape, edibles, CBD, microdoses) to determine if cannabis makes sense as a supplement in support of overall wellness, including:

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual

Can it give us insights into our relationships? Help us be more creative? Improve our focus? Get better in our practice of yoga, meditation, running, cooking? All this and more?

Right now there’s a mish-mash of laws, competing agendas, and lack of consensus on many things surrounding cannabis. It’s like the wild west in terms of what’s a verifiable fact when you ingest cannabis in various ways. So we are going to wade in and be guinea pigs, somewhat, but not idiots. You don’t get to be our age by being stupid, right?


This long, strange trip continues, on some days into really bizarre territory. We’re grateful to still be on it, and still trying, at least, to get smarter with every step.


It's a truism: Everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden. By our age you realize that if you’re not suffering now, you will be in the future. Friends and family have had cancer, diabetes, PTSD, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and so on. Cannabis has been used to treat the symptoms of all of the above, many times with more efficiency and better results than traditional (pharma-provided) treatments.

Above all, this is about reducing harm.


Another truism, this one grandiose, but all-the-more valid: Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. We’ve been too complacent for too long. We have the knowledge and the technology to change the world for the better by making an organic substance more widely available. All we need is the determination to:

  • March in the streets.
  • Get in the faces of legislators.
  • Support sensible cannabis laws at the local, state and federal levels
  • Run for office ourselves.

Core beliefs

The Kannaboomer perspective aligns with the eight tenets put forth by Steve DeAngelo in his excellent book The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness:

  • Cannabis is not harmful, but its prohibition is.
  • Cannabis should never have been made illegal.
  • Cannabis has always been a medicine.
  • Choose cannabis for wellness, not intoxication.
  • Cannabis reform doesn’t harm communities, it strengthens them.
  • Cannabis should be taxed and regulated as a wellness product.
  • Cannabis reform is a social-justice movement.
  • Legalization cannot and will not be stopped.

To these I would add, cannabis is for adults who have the maturity to make informed, wise decisions.

And that none of this is to be taken too seriously. When we were young we smoked weed to be rebellious. Now we're, uh, not so young, and it turns out we may have been on to something that's actually healthy — how funny is that?

Anyway, that's the trip we're on. Please join us by subscribing to our newsletter.

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