Microdosing edibles: Petra Mints from Kiva

Less is more

Sometimes you want just as little THC as you can get. Enough to take the edge off and relax you, but not get you discernibly high. In these cases, you could hit on a pipe or joint, or pull out your vape pen and hit that. Or, you could pop a Petra Mint from Kiva.

At 2.5 milligrams of THC per mint, the Kiva Mint is the under-stated cannabis edible. Take one and wait two hours, and you might not notice a thing — except that whatever anxiety you were carrying has melted away. Or take two or three, and titrate your dose to the level of high you want.

Kiva Mints are discreet, you can carry a tin around in your pocket and pop them in your mouth like Altoids. Only they're a lot more fun. They come in two flavors, Moroccan Mint, and Eucalyptus. We tested the Moroccan Mint, and found it pepperminty, with a hint of vanilla.

If you're ready to experiment with microdosing cannabis edibles, Kiva Petra Mints are a great place to start. In California, you can find them at dispensaries for about $15. They will soon be available in Illinois.

Rigorous testing

According to the Kiva Confections site, the not-for-profit company works with a third-party ISO-certified lab and follows testing protocols established by the FDA for manufacturing, packing and distribution of over the counter (OTC) drugs. Their extraction process is chemical-free.

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