Why more people are microdosing cannabis

Years ago, most of us might have laughed, hard, at the notion of taking the smallest possible dose of cannabis. But more and more people are finding that it makes sense.

Advocates of microdosing cannabis say it’s a way to maintain your clarity, enhance your creativity, and just mellow out. If you’re accustomed to throwing back a few cocktails to take the edge off your day, a tiny dose of cannabis can also serve as a less damaging alternative to alcohol, which, let’s face it, is not great for your liver, your skin, your sleep, or your energy level the next day.

As research proves the benefits of cannabis — as an organic medicine that can help with everything from insomnia to inflammation — some people are beginning to take a little bit of cannabis every day, as you would with a vitamin or other dietary supplement.

OK, so how does one administer a microdose? We’re talking about a versatile plant, and there are multiple ways:

  • One good hit on a joint, pipe or bong.
  • Or one or two puffs from a vaporizer or pre-filled vape pen.
  • By eating THC- or CBD-infused edibles (with clear dosage per serving)

Ready to give microdosing a try? Check out this story from Rolling Stone, which includes a method from Maine-based physician and Reiki healer Dustin Sulak for finding the right dose for you.

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