4 | Eric Goepel, Veterans Cannabis Coalition

If anyone deserves access to safe and effective medicinal cannabis, it's the men and women who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces. Eric Goepel is an Army veteran and political activist now heading up the Veterans Cannabis Coalition. We talked with him about:

  • Making it legal for the Veterans Administration to conduct research into medicinal cannabis.
  • Removing cannabis form the list of Schedule 1 substances with no medicinal value.
  • Breaking the opioid cycle that causes so much harm to veterans.
  • Fighting the PR battle to remove the stigma around cannabis use.
  • What it's going to take politically to make needed changes to federal cannabis policy.
  • How you can help advocate legalization for veterans and all Americans.

The call-to-action tool at the bottom of VeteransCannaCoalition.org makes it super-easy to contact your Congressional representatives with ready-made pro-cannabis messages — please sign up there to help lobby our elected officials to do the right thing, or by sending a text message to VCC52886.

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